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Drone Tech Aerospace ... Drone Services Above & Beyond All Others

Drone surveys, inspections, aerial photography, video and film

Drone Tech Aerospace (DTA) supplies market leading professional drone services for surveying, inspections, photography, video and film for the civil engineering, construction, industry, insurance and consumer sectors.

We develop our own drone technology systems and are able to fly and apply engineering solutions simply not available from the average drone services companies who fly off-the-shelf drone systems.

Think of the difference between a standard 4x4 and a Paris-Dakar vehicle and you'll get the idea.

DTA works with many leading engineering consulting, civil engineering, construction and utilities companies, and has six years' experience in delivering market leading accuracy and precision in aerial drone land surveying and engineering inspections.

DTA drone services include:

Aerial drone photography

Aerial drone video

Building & Roof Inspections

Construction Site Monitoring Inspections & Surveys

Elevated Mast Photography & Video

Heritage Site Inspections

Industrial Site Inspections & Surveys

Internal & Confined Space Inspections  (ball-drone)

Landfill Site Topo Surveys & Inspections

Stockpile, Spoil heaps, & Earthworks Volume Surveys

Thermal Inspections & Surveys

Topographical Surveys

Wind Turbine Inspections

3D Modelling (Data Capture, Creation & Editing)

Our engineering services,  topographical surveying, aerial photography and aerial video capabilities are of the highest quality.

Take a look at samples of our work and see for yourself.

Click on the Why Drones section and consider the compelling reasons why you should be adopting professional drone services in your organisation now.

Click on the Why DTA section and see why you should choose Drone Tech Aerospace as your preferred supplier of professional drone services.

Aerial drone surveying excellence in

  • Safety

  • Piloting

  • Software

  • Engineering

  • Drone Technology

Integrate Drone Data Into Your Workflow

High-Resolution Aerial Drone Surveys

Accurate Reliable Outputs

Rapid Safe Deployment

DTA supplies drone filming services to Transport for Greater Manchester Metrolink construction project

August 9, 2019

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DTA Produces, Films & Edits Promo-video for Llan Rocks 2019 Music Festival

June 29, 2019

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DTA's first project on the Isle of Wight

June 3, 2019

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