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Drone Topographical Surveys enable accurate volume calculations of stockpiles and voids for Mining & Quarrying

Drone Topographical Surveys enable accurate volume calculations of stockpiles and voids for Mining & Quarrying

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Drone Services for Commercial Property
Inspections and Surveys

Drone Services for Mining and Quarrying


  • Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE)

    • Site monitoring drone videos

      • Live, point-in-time records of site activity​

      • Spot unsafe working practices and
        unsafe areas/installations/materials

    • Site hazard monitoring via interactive
      online site topographical 3D models

      • Measure slope angles for tracks/roadways, ​
        depth of trenches/voids, distances and access widths, vehicle turnaround and parking areas, and lots more...

    • Site walkthrough Videos & 3D models
      for online virtual site inductions​

  • Facilities Management & Maintenance

    • 3D Modelling
      Interactive 3D models for HSE (as above)
      and general site planning and management

    • Drone Inspections for condition/safety

      • Roof and high structures

      • Internal/confined space

    • Measured Building Surveys
      BIM/Digital records of buildings and structures

  • Ground Engineering Management

    • Drone Topographical Surveys

      • Land Surveys​

      • Boundary Surveys

  • Promotional Photography & Video

Safe, Fast and Cost Effective

Drone topographical surveying in mining and quarrying is the safest, quickest and most cost effective method.

High-Precision, Accurate and Reliable

Drone Tech Aerospace Ltd topographical surveying drones are proprietary to DTA, designed and built to reliably deliver precision and accuracy matching terrestrial laser scanning systems.

The consistency of our topographical land surveying precision and accuracy has been exhaustively tested with over 6 years working with tier 1 enterprise/corporate clients in the civil-engineering, construction, landfill and recycling, and mining & quarrying industry sectors.

During this time we have been able to directly compare our data with datasets captured using other technologies, and with other drone systems.

We have also gathered many multiple-datasets for sites where we have conducted repetitive topographical surveys on typically monthly or quarterly frequencies.

These multiple datasets have facilitated comparison between the surveys again enabling us to continuously improve our technology and processes.

CAT Heavy Hauler - Construction & Quarry

Promotional Photography & Video
for Mining & Quarrying

Video Demonstration of an Online Toolset for Topographical Survey Data

The video below demonstrates just some of the capabilities of online tools to view and analyse topographical survey data.

Multiple users from different teams, or even suppliers if you wish, can all access the data, make annotations and interact in discussions online regarding the data.

Measurements can be taken as you'll see of slopes, areas, and volumes, and even comparisons between different surveys conducted at different points in time can be compared and contrasted.

Increased efficiency and teamwork available now.

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