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Drone Services for Solar & Wind Farm Renewable Energy

DTA's professional drone services deliver productivity, vital project information and cost benefits to clients in the Renewable Energy sector.


Solar & Wind Energy Farms typically cover extensive land areas where the speed of drone surveys and inspections minimise feet-on-the-ground access while supplying technology leading data quality.


DTA thus facilitates immediate and significant opportunities for improvement of cost, quality and speed in your renewables development projects.

Drone Land Topographical Surveys for Solar & Wind Farm Design, Planning & Construction

DTA is usually one of the first consultants and sub-contractors engaged on-site.

Drone Land Topographical Surveying early in the project supplies data to designers, planners and a range of consultants, facilitating collaborative working across the project.

Please refer to our section Why Drones? for a breakdown of the benefits of drones over traditional methods.
(Click on the green Why drones? text to switch to the web page).


Significant productivity benefits of drone digital topographical data derive from software tools that can analyse the data, turning raw digital data into actionable information.

Easy access to the data is vital.
Digital data access via these tools, and our Client Data Portal mean that can be accessed on any reasonable desktop PC, laptop or even a tablet that has good web access.

Go-anywhere Capability
that few Surveyors can Supply

Land Rover Discovery G4 Challenge - Latest DTA all-terrain go-anywhere 4x4 - Essential support for DTA Drone Services

Specialised Equipment
is Essential for Drone Services on Renewable Energy Sites

Solar & Wind Farms are typically located on land that is difficult to access.

Solar Farms on agricultural land present severe restrictions to access for surveying, with land owners not wishing for crops to be damaged, nor livestock disturbed, while mud can be a show stopper.

DTA operates specialist high-capability off-road 4x4's offering a true go-anywhere surveying service.

Together with our extensive experience working with land owners over many years, you can rest assured that we will get your project surveyed efficiently while maintaining good relations with land owners and neighbours.

Size can be a BIG CHALLENGE

Land areas for solar and wind farms are often large, extending to many hundreds of Hectares for many solar farms.

DTA regularly surveys areas larger than 100 Hectares and we have completed two surveys that we believe to be the largest ever in the United Kingdom to be surveyed by UAV drone.

One at 600 Hectares and the largest to date being 800 Hectares.

Successful surveying on this scale requires significant investment in the correct technology-leading equipment, robust proven procedures, and professional highly trained and experienced surveying staff.

DTA excels in these areas.

Mallard Pass Solar Farm 800Ha Drone Topographical Land Survey

Mallard Pass Solar Farm
800Ha Drone Topographical Land Survey

Data Processing, Survey Accuracy & Large Projects

Data Centre - GeoProcessing

Beyond the sheer physical challenge of surveying very large land areas, the task of processing the vast quantity of data generated is an even greater challenge requiring technology leading computer servers very specially configured for efficient data geoprocessing.


DTA's IT team has decades of experience in software and computer hardware R&D having developed enterprise IT systems for companies such as Hewlett Packard. 

Our expertise in IT enables us to build our own custom server configurations capable of efficient high speed data geoprocessing.

Without this expertise the data geoprocessing required for large land surveys of hundreds of Hectares becomes both time and cost prohibitive, and potentially also compromises data accuracy.

CAD Data Generated from Drone Survey Point-clouds
by the DTA Internal CAD Team

We do not outsource generation of our CAD data overseas.

To maintain quality, we generate your CAD data from drone and terrestrial survey point-clouds, in the formats required by your engineers and consultants, using our internal UK-based CAD team.

Solar Farm 3D Point-cloud Example

Solar Farm 3D Point-cloud Example

Solar Farm 2D CAD Example

Solar Farm 2D CAD Example

DTA Client Portal - Branded Client Project Pages

Collaborative Working Enabled by Data Delivery
via the DTA Client Portal

Your data is delivered via your own project pages on the DTA Client Portal facilitating easy sharing of the data across your internal team and external clients, consultants and sub-contractors.


Your project pages are fully branded with your corporate livery.

Data access is fully secured.

Drone Solar Farm Inspections

Post-construction we supply regular drone inspections of your solar farm assets to facilitate efficient monitoring and maintenance.

Drone inspections provide the fastest and most cost effective method of identifying potential and actual maintenance issues.

Drone Solar Farm Inspections
Drone Solar Farm Inspections

Drone PR & Marketing Photography & Video

Our Solar & Wind Farm clients also benefit from our Drone PR & Marketing Photography & Video services.

Stakeholder engagement and PR with local communities and government are essential factors in project success.

High quality drone photography and videos aid the communication process greatly and is very cost effective.

Wind Farm Construction Drone PR Video

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