Drone Wind-Turbine Inspections

Wind turbine inspections using drones bring multiple benefits.

  • Higher Productivity

    • quicker, requiring fewer personnel

    • Only deploy rope-access when needed

  • Safer

  • More flexible

    • An engineers spotting specific issues on 
      down-link screen can easily direct the pilot to capture new/additional inspections ​

  • Digital outputs

    • easier to share, analyse & archive​

    • can be re-analysed whenever

  • Software Analysis​

    • Engineers observations can be annotated to BIM turbine model​

    • AI software can auto-scan inspection data identifying potential anomalies much faster

Additional inspections...

Blade pitch angle...

DTA has researched methods for measuring blade pitch angles using drones.


Heat signatures...

Thermal cameras can detect potential issues of the turbine within the cowling and potential cabling issues at ground level and within other site structures.

Contact DTA to discuss your requirements...

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