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Drone Services for Civil Engineering  & Construction

DTA supplies a range of services that deliver productivity, informational and cost benefits to clients in the civil engineering and construction sectors.


The quality and unique perspectives of aerial drone surveys, inspections, photographs and videos provide an immediate and significant opportunity for business improvement.

Drone Land Topographical Surveys

Our most obvious and well known service for civil engineering and construction is topographical surveying for land & earthworks.

Please refer to our section Why Drones? for a breakdown of the benefits of drones over traditional methods.
(Click on the green Why drones? text to switch to the web page).


Some of the most significant productivity benefits of drone digital topographical data derive from the software tools that we can supply to analyse the data, turning raw digital data into actionable information.
Together with easy access to the data via these tools that can be accessed on any reasonable desktop PC, laptop or even a tablet that has good web access.

Click on and view the video above to see the power that these tools deliver.

Additionally, you can give access to the tools to a range of professionals in your team and also subcontractors to facilitate increased collaboration, information sharing and data recording.

Click here or under the Services menu option above to read more about our drone topographical survey service.

Drone Stockpile Volume Surveys

Drone Tech Aerospace (DTA) Stockpile, Spoil Heaps, Earthworks, and Voids Volume Surveys delivered throughout the United Kingdom, including Bath, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Gloucester, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Southampton, York

DTA volumetric surveys can accurately calculate your stockpile or earthworks volumes.


Volume surveys are often conducted  simultaneously with a scheduled periodic survey for the next phase of a project.

Speed in our deployment and turnaround of results is usually key for our clients on volume surveys as these are usually driven by a need for accurate measurement of a volume of material recently delivered to site or waiting to be collected and taken off site.


Please click here or under the Services menu option above to read more about our drone volumetric survey service.

Construction Site Monitoring and Inspection

Aerial drone videos are perfect for construction site monitoring and inspection, able to quickly and safely get around your site, recording ongoing activities and status of your project at a specific point in time.


Inspections can relate to specific on site features such an a chimney stack or any high rise construction features.

Or the inspection goal might be to assess the safety or condition of high rise equipment such as cranes or scaffolding.

DTA's regular site monitoring service can supply high resolution photography, video and topographical survey updates, or any mix of these at a frequency of your choice.

The cost of regular site monitoring can often be little more than the cost of a fixed position time-lapse camera but delivers full 360 degree coverage of your site and any areas of specific interest that you need, and also can deliver a pseudo time-lapse at the same time.

Drone Tech Aerospace (DTA) Construction site crane, scaffolding and structural inspection delivered throughout the United Kingdom, including Bath, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Gloucester, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Southampton, York

Construction Site Plant and Equipment Inspections

Promotional & PR Drone Videos 
for Civil Engineering  & Construction

Aerial drone videos are perfect for use in online promotional and PR campaigns.


A combination of video and 3D modelling can supply compelling visualisation of your proposed project either for your sales process or community engagement.

We can also supply 3D modelling or work with your design team to drop your proposed development into the current site view that we generate.

Powerful media for use in sales pitches, social media, news media, your website and general online presence.

Construction Site Video

One of a series of Drone PR Videos for TfGM Updating on construction progress for the Trafford Park Line - Manchester

One of a series of Drone PR Videos for TfGM
Updating on Trafford Park Line construction progress
- Manchester

Aerial Drone Surveys and 3D Modelling
for Redevelopment Sites

A full topographical land survey collects the digital data that can then be used to generate a detailed 3D digital model of the existing structures on a redevelopment site.

The highly accurate and fully measurable model that results can be used in walk-through visualisations and planning of the proposed redevelopment.


Architects and planners can view the model, take measurements of heights, widths, distances, and even  slopes to facilitate their design process.

Volumes of spoil heaps and materials that will need to be removed and shipped off site can be accurately measured facilitating quick and early cost analyses.

In cases where existing structures will require demolition the accurate model can be used in the procurement process for demolition services to supply subcontractors with detailed information on the job that they are bidding on.

Promotional & PR Drone Photography
for Civil Engineering  & Construction

Aerial drone photographs similarly provide the high quality still media needed to populate an impressive website and also to promote construction projects and events across both online and offline media channels.

DTA Construction & Civil Engineering Promotional Drone Photography

Construction Promotional Photography
Swansea, South Wales - June 2017

Construction Promotional drone & MAST photography & video - Swansea South Wales

Construction Promotional Photography
Panoramic Shot - Swansea, South Wales - June 2017

Panoramic aerial shots as above can dramatically show the positive impact of high quality new architecture on the surrounding city-scape and skyline.

CAT Heavy Hauler - Construction & Quarry

Professional Photography for Construction

Redevelopment Site 3D Model
South Wales - 2016

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