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Book Your Drone Services Project

At Drone Tech Aerospace in everything we do, we believe in challenging what's possible.

We believe in thinking differently and performing flawlessly.

We challenge what's possible by creating innovatively designed services,
backed by smart technology,
and uncompromising passion in executing our services.

Utilise our hassle free, highly specialised dynamic team to enhance your business with a competitive aerial drone edge.

Let Drone Tech Aerospace give you the aerial advantage.

Free estimates and quotations


We can provide estimates based on outline service requirements.

To supply an accurate quotation, we need the following information.

What are your specific service requirements?

An accurate and complete briefing on the required outcome of the aerial project; the data outputs you need; software and systems the data must feed into; margin of accuracy and precision desired.

Where is the job to be conducted?

Location; postcodes and GPS co-ordinates are essential.

Challenges with urban flights for example are much greater than rural.

We always ensure safety and legality with regards to rules applied by the CAA.

When are we expected on site?

Timing is critical, especially with drones; planning is essential.

We aim to meet your schedule where possible.

Weather conditions and availability of specialist equipment and flight personnel all need to be considered.

We have multiple teams to ensure geographic coverage.


When all requirements are received we can provide you with an accurate quotation together with a pre-site safety survey.

Let's discuss your drone requirements ...



Mobile:  07716 453 575
or           07947 212 195

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