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Drone Stockpile Volume Surveys

Drone Stockpile, Spoil Heaps, Earthworks, and Voids Volume Surveys

Typical industries using DTA drone volumetric surveying services:

  • Construction (especially earthworks)

  • Landfill

  • Quarrying & Mining

  • Soil Supplies

  • Soil & Construction Materials Recycling

DTA volumetric surveys can accurately calculate your stockpile or earthworks volumes.


The accurate measurements of material that you have available to sell, or volumes and resources needed for earthworks extraction etc. can greatly improve the effectiveness of your business.

A volume survey is a topographic survey variant whereby particular attention is paid to levels, break lines and likely increased volume due to excavation and transfer into trucks.


DTA can provide a range of optional outputs:

  • Detailed drawings with tabulated volumes
    (to your requirements)

  • Online, cloud based digital models;
    accessible anywhere that you have a reasonable internet connection,
    providing you with interactive tools to measure volumes yourself.


(Please see our separate summary for our
   Online Cloud Survey Viewer & Analysis Tools)

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