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Typically only 20% of traditional time needed on-site for a topographical land survey

Why Drones?

Why should you be adopting drones as your regular go-to solution for surveys, inspections and promotional photography & video in your organisation ?

Why not simply carry on as currently ?

Drones are simply much faster in completing survey, inspection and photography tasks than traditional methods. 20% of the traditional time needed on-site is very typical … sometimes even faster.

Drones are less expensive than traditional methods for surveys, inspections and aerial photography. 20-to-80% cost savings are very typical.

Drones are in almost every application much, much safer than traditional methods. Whether it's avoidance of personnel working at height, or on dangerous terrain, or the provision of data to HSE and maintenance departments to identify and mitigate risks … drones deliver on safety BIG TIME !

Drones very often make the impossible possible. Many drone survey and inspection areas were previously either totally inaccessible safely, or the costs of doing so were prohibitive.

Drones very often deliver huge steps forward in an organisation's innovation and digitalisation strategic objectives. Drones deliver new methods of working that feed reusable digital data into your organisation that facilitates collaboration throughout your project life-cycle, facilitates implementation and effective use of BIMs and supplies long-term archivable data.

Drones are a catalyst to innovation. DTA's typical experience is that following engagement of our drone survey, inspection and photography services our client's engineers very quickly identify new applications and methods for using drones that had never previously been thought of.

DTA ... Aerial drone services excellence in

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  • Piloting

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  • Drone Technology

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