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Aerial Drone Photography and Video

With your creative brief in mind, we can achieve the aerial shots you desire.

Acquire professional promotional material for your business or function website, social media or other online promotions.

It’s easy to get these stunning shots and video with Drone Tech Aerospace.


We can film in HD, 2K, 4K video.

Feel free to contact us and discuss your brief, we are more than willing to help you in achieving your goals.

Website Promotional Video
CADW - Bishop's Palace St David's

Promotional Video - Faithful + Gould
Inspection of CADW monuments

Social Media Promotional Video - Music Festival
Chepstow, South Wales

Promotional Material for Businesses, Products, Visitor Attractions, Schools, Events … 

DTA aerial and terrestrial photography and video provides you with the wow factor needed for high impact, effective promotions online.

DTA promotional photography and video is beneficial to any business, organisation or individual needing to generate awareness and demand for products, services, events or simply sharing important information.

DTA has completed drone promotional photography and video projects for clients in the following sectors.

Click on the sectors coloured green above for links to view our web pages on drone photography and video for specific sectors.

Website & Social Media Promotional Video
Vintage Army Truck

Website Promotional Video - National Museum of Wales
St Fagan's, Cardiff, South Wales

School Website Video
Ysgol Gymraeg Melin Gruffydd, Caerdydd

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