Drone Services for Landfill & Recycling

DTA supplies a range of services for landfill and recycling that support processes throughout the lifecycle of any site. These include:

  • Drone inspections and topographical surveys, for investigation and monitoring of landfill or recycling sites:

  • Prospective new sites.

    • Measuring distances, boundaries, areas, heights, visibility, and available volumes across land areas.​

  • Existing "live" sites.

    • Checking compliance with planned heights and boundaries.​

    • Measuring volumes of voids and material piles.

    • Monitoring fill heights and boundary condition.

    • General monitoring for evidence of any HSE or environmental issues.

  • Capped-off/closed sites.

    • Checking changes in heights and boundaries using differencing comparative tools.​


  • Drone fugitive methane gas detection and measurement surveys:

  • Management of methane capture and energy generation systems in order to check efficiency of capture systems and detect opportunities for improvement and increase in capture efficiency.

  • Checking compliance with environmental limits.

  • Checking levels in response to complaints and disputes.

  • Drone, elevated mast and terrestrial photography and video, for:​

  • Public relations and stake holder engagement.​

  • Promotions of new projects to potential investors,
    and completed projects for the sales process.

The data quality, unique perspectives and cost effectiveness of drone inspections, surveys, photographs and videos provide an immediate and significant opportunity for business improvement.

DTA's Topographical Survey Drone Gen3
and one of our all-terrain 4x4 trucks in action.

Drone Volume Measurement Survey
for landfill and recycling sites.

All of the Correct Equipment and Experience in Landfill and Recycling

DTA has all-terrain 4x4 vehicles able to operate on the most challenging sites.


We go with capable, tough and dependable, not new, expensive and pretty.

DTA's topographical survey drones are similarly designed and built in-house to be tough and deliver technology leadership in accuracy and precision.

Drone Fugitive Methane Gas Detection
& Measurement Surveys

Checking and measurement of fugitive methane levels is both a health, safety and environmental (HSE) concern, and a means of efficiently managing capture of methane gas and maximising revenue from green energy generation on capped landfill sites.


Visualisation of measured spot methane levels overlaid on a map enable detection of capping boundary leaks, capping damage and general points of interest and possible problems.

A clean report of course is a requirement to satisfy environmental compliance monitoring.

DTA's drone methane surveys are fast, efficient, accurate, reliable and affordable.

Example of Drone Methane Gas Survey Output
- Highlighting readings above chosen limit levels

DTA Methane Gas Survey Drone in action

Drone Volume Measurement Survey
for landfill and recycling sites
- complex scrap metal volumes

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