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Aerial Drone Surveys

Drone Topographical Land Survey of a quarry. Drone Tech Aerospace conducts drone topographical land surveys throughout the United Kingdom, UK, including Bath, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Newport, Southampton, Swansea, Wales

Professional drone services specialising in aerial topographic survey data collection. Survey your site or project with the latest best-in-class drone technology.


Aerial Drone Survey methods are faster, safer and more cost-effective.


Drone Survey outputs are comprehensive, accurate and provide traditional CAD drawings in addition to detailed point-cloud and 3D models. 

Applications for Drone Surveys

  • Drone Land Topographical Surveying

    • For construction, quarrying & mining​, civil engineering, landfill and environmental protection projects

    • Site survey

    • Site monitoring and inspection

  • Drone Volumetric Topographical Surveys

    • Stockpile and spoil heap calculations

    • Earthworks material excavation calculations

    • Landfill, quarrying and mining void calculations

  • Drone Mapping​

    • Site infrastructure and facilities management​

    • Highways mapping for construction and management

UAV Aerial Drone Surveys

Confusion in the use of the term "survey" is widespread in the drone services industry.

Many companies use "survey" to describe the inspections process for buildings, industrial structures, solar farms, wind farms and more.

At DTA we prefer to keep things clear and we only use the term survey to describe services for topographical surveying of land, buildings, construction sites, quarries, mines and highways etc. where the service involves the collection and delivery of measured data.
Whereas inspections involve the collection and delivery of inspection images and video only.

Drone topographical land survey of golf course. Drone Tech Aerospace conduct drone topographical land surveys throughout the United Kingdom, UK, including Bath, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Newport, Southampton, Swansea, Wales.

Sample data of a golf course

Point Cloud of a golf course

Data Processing & Outputs

Up to date data of your site in various formats and media.  Incredibly visual and accurate data makes planning and site management efficient. Point-clouds can be imported into your software of choice. 


Some common outputs:

  • Traditional 2D CAD drawings

  • Ortho-mosaics

  • DEM

  • Point-clouds

  • Model fly-throughs


Benefits of Drone Surveys

Improve Productivity

Aerial drones acquire highly accurate data far more rapidly than traditional survey teams, typically an order of magnitude faster, or even greater on very large surveys.

DTA drones can acquire more than 1km² of digital topographic imagery per day with little or no site shutdown.


Speed of Delivery of Results

Acquisition of data digitally permits powerful software processing delivering required results much faster than traditional methods.

Our survey results can often be delivered within just a few days and in the best case, next day!


After 9 years working with world leaders in land surveying accuracy and precision our drone technology, surveying, data processing and quality checking processes are proven to deliver the high accuracy and precision necessary for Chartered Surveyor approval.


We enable regular surveying of your projects and construction sites, at all stages and levels of completion.


Drones avoid the need for human access to inherently dangerous terrain and environments common in the industries that we operate in.

Digital Data & Collaboration Enablement

Digital survey data enables provision of complex software tools directly to engineers and project managers allowing real-time complex data analysis.

Digital data can be passed down to various teams involved at different phases of the project life-cycle allowing greater collaboration,  project tracking, data comparison and analysis than ever possible previously.

Digital data also enables easier archiving, retrieval and data comparison over time providing that you have the necessary IT infrastructure.

Cloud Data Storage & Analysis

Storing your survey data in the cloud enables use of cloud-based viewing and analysis software reducing the need for heavy duty expensive engineering workstation PC's.

Cloud based data processing and analysis tools further benefit your teams by enabling engineers, project managers, site managers and subcontractors to take measurements and perform calculations on the survey data using only simple PCs, laptops or even tablets, requiring only a reasonable internet data connection.


Work can thus be conducted anywhere, anytime.

Ortho-mosaic Map

3D Textured Mesh - Land Survey Photogrammetry Point-Cloud

2D CAD/Survey Drawings

Despite modern drone and laser survey point-clouds supplying an all-encompassing view of your survey which you can interact with and analyse efficiently, either online via cloud tools, or on your engineering workstation, our clients most often, and with very good reason, also require traditional 2D drawings of the survey.

2D survey drawings remain the de-facto format to exchange and refer to for a large number of companies, suppliers and contractors within the life cycle of operations within any construction, civil engineering or property development project.


DTA 2D Survey Drawing Services

DTA offers services to generate 2D survey drawings from our drone and terrestrial laser scan survey data to the specifications required by our clients.

Our team of CAD and surveying technicians are qualified and experienced in the generation of high quality survey drawings and have the CAD and surveying software tools necessary to generate survey drawing data in all of the standard data interchange formats used in the surveying, civil engineering, construction and CAD industries.

2D Contour Drawing Example - generated from a drone photogrammetry topographical land survey

2D Contour CAD Drawing

2D Point-Grid Drawing Example - generated from a drone photogrammetry topographical land survey

2D Point-Grid CAD Drawing

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