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Drone Services for Architecture & Design

DTA supplies a range of services for architecture and design, supporting processes throughout the project lifecycle.

  • Drone inspections and topographical surveys, for investigation of:

  • New construction sites, both greenfield and brownfield.

  • Structural and roofing defects at height.


  • Measured building surveys, for recording the:

  • Current-state of cultural, heritage
    and ​general brownfield redevelopment sites.

  • As-built state of a project on handover, or digital-twin.

  • Drone, elevated mast and terrestrial photography and video, for:​

  • Public relations and stake holder engagement.​

  • Promotions of new projects to potential investors,
    and completed projects for the sales process.

The data quality, unique perspectives and cost effectiveness of drone inspections, surveys, photographs and videos provide an immediate and significant opportunity for business improvement.

Drone Inspections and
Measured Building Surveys of Redevelopment Sites

Measured Building Survey - 3D Model Video Render

At the end of the lifecycle for one generation of use of a building or structure and yet at the beginning of the next lies our Measured Building Surveying service for redevelopment projects.

Often involving sites of particular cultural and heritage interest, these sites can frequently be in a condition of extreme and dangerous dilapidation making the safety offered by a feet-and-hands-off the structure approach offered by drones an essential safety feature.


DTA offers technology and quality leadership in measured building surveys with the option of combined terrestrial laser scanning with aerial drone topographical 3D surveying supplying the most complete all round survey view and highest precision and accuracy.

A full topographical land and buildings survey collects the digital data that can then be used to generate a detailed 3D digital model of existing structures on the redevelopment site.

The highly accurate and fully measurable model can then be used in walk-through visualisations and planning of the proposed redevelopment.


As architects, designers and planners you can view the model, take measurements of heights, widths, distances, and even areas, slopes and volumes to facilitate your design process.

Volumes of spoil heaps and materials that will need to be removed and shipped off site can be accurately measured facilitating quick and early cost analyses.

In cases where existing structures will require demolition the accurate model can be used in the procurement process for demolition services to supply subcontractors with detailed information on the job that they are bidding on.

Click here or under the Services menu option above to see more of the above Drone Building Inspection Example.

Promotional & PR Drone Photography
for Architecture

DTA Architecture Promotional Drone Photography

Architectural Promotional Photography
Swansea, South Wales - June 2017

Aerial drone photographs similarly provide the high quality still media needed to populate an impressive website and also to promote architecture projects and events across both online and offline media channels.

Architecture Promotional drone & MAST photography & video - Swansea South Wales

Architecture Promotional Photography
Panoramic Shot - Swansea, South Wales - June 2017

Panoramic aerial shots as above can dramatically show the positive impact of high quality new architecture on the surrounding city-scape and skyline.

Promotional & PR Drone Videos 
for Architecture

Aerial drone videos are perfect for use in online promotional and PR campaigns.


A combination of video and 3D modelling can supply compelling visualisation of your proposed project either for your sales/investor process or community engagement.

We can also supply 3D modelling or work with your design team to drop your proposed development into the current site view that we generate.

Powerful media for use in sales pitches, social media, news media, your website and general online presence.

Architectural Redevelopment Site Video

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