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Drone Tech Aerospace (DTA) Wind Turbine Inspections, Topographical Surveys, and 3D Modeling services delivered throughout the United Kingdom, including Bath, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Gloucester, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Southampton, York

Drone Inspection Provides Much More...

Video down-link...

Using a real-time visual feed streamed to ground, expert engineers can direct the flight team to investigate potential issues or anomalies in-flight.


Real-time results are guided by leveraging expert skills to immediately address higher priority issues.

Drone Tech Aerospace Drone Roof Inspections across the whole of the UK including Bath, Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff, Cambridge, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Oxford, Sheffield, Southampton, York

Many applications for many industries...

New applications for drone Inspection services are being identified frequently and now include:

  • Buildings inspection
    (roof, chimney, high structures)

  • Heritage site structural inspection

  • Industrial plant and machinery

  • Oil & Gas production platforms

  • Solar farms

  • Telecomms - Line-of-Sight surveys (LoS)

  • Wind turbines

Please click on our industry and application specific drone inspections pages for more details.

Aerial Drone Inspections

Making the inaccessible accessible!

At the most basic level drone inspection services provide the ideal alternative to rope-access and other methods of inspection at height.

  • Higher Productivity

    • quicker, requiring fewer personnel

  • Safer

  • More flexible

    • Video down-link allows engineers
      to easily vary work on-the-fly ​

  • Digital outputs

    • easier to share, analyse & store​

Drone Industrial Chimney Stack Inspections

Additional sensors...

Beyond standard cameras additional sensors can be used.

While the most common is a thermal camera, DTA has the engineering capability to add sensors to our proprietary drones that our competitors cannot.

Examples include:

  • RFID sensors

  • Gas monitors

  • UT Ultrasonic Testing sensors

A DTA R&D project can deliver unique capabilities to your business.

E.g. Flying over a large site with an RFID sensor can complete stock taking in fraction of the time.

Power Station Industrial Internal Confined Space Drone Inspection Video
Drone Tech Aerospace Heritage Site Surveys & Inspections delivered across the UK including North Wales, South Wales, West Wales, Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, London, Lancahsire, Midlands, Surrey, Yorkshire

High Resolution Inspection Photo Sample

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or click & hold to move the image

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