Drone Inspection Provides Much More...

Video down-link...

Real-time review and optimisation of results.

Topographical Survey ...

Fully measurable, interactive topographical survey data enables measurements of heights, dimensions and slopes, and also annotation of inspections points of interest with accurate locations pin pointed.

3D model...

Creation of a 3D model of the structure under inspection provides the ideal BIM model which is then used to mouse-click-and-select individual pixels on the structure for in-depth inspection.


Annotations are then attached to these pixel-accurate locations to pass information and instructions between engineering teams, managing remedial actions and for archiving.

Aerial Drone Roof Inspections

Avoiding the need for expensive cheery pickers and high level rope access.

At the most basic level drone inspection services provide the ideal alternative to cherry pickers, rope-access and other methods of inspection at height.

  • Higher Productivity

    • quicker, requiring fewer personnel

  • Safer - no human workers at height

  • More flexible

    • Video down-link allows engineers
      to easily vary work on-the-fly ​

  • Digital outputs

    • easier to share, analyse & store​

Applicable for many different sectors...

  • Roof, chimney, high structures

  • Industrial sites

  • Commercial Sites

  • Schools and Public Buildings

  • Domestic Buildings

Additional thermal sensors...

Beyond high resolution professional zoom cameras thermal sensors can also be used for building thermal surveys.

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