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600 Hectare Drone Topographical Survey Completed for a farming estate - June 2017

600 Hectare Drone Topographical Survey
Completed for a farming estate - June 2017

Drone Services for Agriculture


  • Crop health monitoring

  • Water and pesticide effectiveness/distribution

  • Pest control

  • Drain tile inspection

  • Barn and silo roof inspection

  • Damage inspection in support of insurance claims

We operate fixed-wing and rotary unmanned aircraft that automatically navigate your fields efficiently and produce data covering all desired areas.

We deliver fully processed aerial imagery acquired by our UAV and convert it into index maps such as DVI, NDVI, ENDVI to meet your needs.


In order to get the best results and enable the benefits of ongoing monitoring, we do offer packages covering whole seasons.


We are happy to answer your questions and discuss the services further.

Drones to Improve Crop Health, Yield and Reduce Cost


Proactive regular monitoring provides better knowledge of crop health throughout the growing season enabling farmers to proactively address crop issues with pin-point precision.


DTA's drone technology efficiently measures crop health delivering easy to understand crop reporting in the form of NDVI images. This allows analysis and diagnosis of various issues such as water stress, disease, insect infestations and poor soil nutrient values.


Data collected by our drones can help you improve management techniques and boost yields. By creating accurate 3D terrain maps, Drone Tech Aerospace can work with you to increase crop yields and reduce costs in crop management.


In order to obtain best results and enable the benefits from ongoing monitoring, we offer a package covering you for a whole season.


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Sample NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) image used in agricultural crop analysis.

NDVI information can be used for:

  • Plant health and stress levels

  • Optimal fertilizer use

  • Nitrogen management

  • Identify insects and pest in crops

  • Analyse plant disease

  • Plant or weed identification

  • Farm plan development

  • Cultivation planning

  • Harvest planning according to vigour

  • Water and pesticide effectiveness/distribution

Drones for Agriculture and Ecology

Modern agriculture calls for continuous land management and improvement at a competitive cost all the while caring about environmental protection.


Drone Tech Aerospace offer a refined service that delivers meaningful results enabling better targeting and delivery of treatments otherwise harmful to the environment, thus improving environmental friendliness while reducing cost.


Our method of generating up-to-date information allows for continuous monitoring and well-structured reporting enabling better decision making for any type of crop or plant.

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