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Drone Services for Real & Land Estate Agents

DTA supplies a range of services for real estate and estate agents supporting both the sales process and ongoing ownership and maintenance.

  • Property and Land Sales photography and video.

  • Property and Land Sales topographical and boundary surveys.​​

  • Measured Building Surveys for both sales and asset/estate/property maintenance.​​​

  • Property inspections (particularly roof and chimney inspections) for property insurance and maintenance purposes.​​

  • Site inspection and topographical surveys for redevelopment projects.​​

The data quality, unique perspectives and cost effectiveness of drone inspections, surveys, photography and videos provide an immediate and significant opportunity for business improvement.

Luxury Property Sales Drone Video & Internal Video

While drone services for the real estate, estate agents, and land estates sectors has undoubtedly started with sales photography and video for luxury properties, we have no doubt that it will progress over time and such high quality photography and video will become for mainstream for mid-market executive homes and above.

Promotional & PR Drone Photography
for Real Estate

DTA Real Estate Promotional Drone Photography

Real-estate Promotional Photography
Swansea, South Wales - June 2017

Aerial drone photographs similarly provide the high quality still media needed to populate an impressive website and also to promote non-residential real estate projects and events across both online and offline media channels.

Commercial, office and industrial real estate.

DTA Real-estate Promotional Photography

Real-estate Promotional Photography
Panoramic Shot - Swansea, South Wales - June 2017

Panoramic aerial shots as above can dramatically show the positive impact of high quality new real estate on the surrounding city-scape and skyline.

Drone Building, Chimney and Roof Inspections and Surveys

Drone inspections and measured surveys of complete buildings and structures, and specific areas on concern or interest such as chimneys, guttering and roofs are increasingly in demand for a number of objectives.

  • Property management and maintenance

  • Seller pre-sales information packs

  • Purchaser condition surveys

  • Insurance mandated regular inspections

While DTA is not itself hold Chartered Surveyor status, we regularly work with a portfolio of surveyor partners who are CIOB and RICS associate and chartered members. As matter of course we supply services with whatever level of surveying charter and warranty that you may require.

Commercial Property and Roof Drone Inspections

Commercial Property and Roof Inspections

Residential Property and Roof Drone Inspections

Residential Property and Roof Inspections

Public Sector Property and Roof Drone Inspections

Public Sector Property and Roof Inspections

Industrial Property and Roof Drone Inspections

Industrial Property and Roof Inspections

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