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Drone Heritage Site Structural Inspection Services including 3D modelling and topographical surveys delivered through the United Kingdom, UK, including Bath, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Southampton, York

Drone Heritage Site Inspections

Safe Inspection

Inspections at height for heritage sites is inherently fraught with risk.

Fragile structures simply cannot be inspected using rope access and so traditionally require very expensive tall cherry-pickers or scaffolding.

Using these traditional methods can itself inflict further damage on the site.

Drones can be easily deployed with no requirements for any contact with the structure under inspection.

Safe for inspection engineers, safe for fragile site structures.

Fast Inspection

Drones can be quickly deployed, flown around a site with large quantities of high resolution video and still images gathered very quickly.

A typical site will take just one day, depending on freedom of access for inspection personnel.


Flexible Inspection

Drones can be safely directed into positions that would be dangerous or even completely impossible to reach using traditional inspection and surveying techniques.

Drone high resolution DSLR zoom photography for Heritage Site Inspections

Contact DTA to discuss your requirements...

Utilise our expert team to save you time and effort in maintaining your sites and infrastructure.

High Resolution Inspection Photo Sample

Accurate, Expert Guided Inspection

Using a real-time visual feed streamed to ground, engineers can direct the flight team to investigate potential issues or anomalies in flight.


Specific real-time results are guided by leveraging expert skill sets addressing higher priority issues.


Utilise our highly dynamic team to save you time and effort in maintaining your sites and infrastructure.

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Heritage Site 3D Models

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