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Aerial Photo
Aerial of the entrance
Survey of an open cast mine
Geo referenced elevation survey
Wedding photography
Aerial shot of village centre
Abandoned building
Open land survey
RAW NIR image
NDVI image
Urban Planning

Have the freedom to plan with accurate orthophotos and get the pin point advantage of having accurate up-to-date imagery.

In situations where fast accurate on-site production of cartography is required, we have the automated workflow to achieve results. We can produce orthomosaics and digital surface models rapidly and accurately giving emergency services the information required to make important decisions and save lives.

With virtually unlimited degrees of freedom a showcase of your golf course, club house and driving range in HD video and superior photography on your website will undoubtedly spark that interest for new members to join your ranks.

We have the technology and expertise to acquire exquisite media too capture the fuller picture, contact us today for a free trial.

We are an innovative group, looking to empower industry.


The power of unmanned aerial vehicles are being realised, causing a revolution to current industry, things that were thought to be impossible are now very possible. We would like to showcase our extended service offering with the below implimentations of UAV's or Drones in industry. If you have an idea and are looking for an innovative UAV operator to work with please contact us for a friendly discussion.

Golf Course Video/Photography 
Emergency & Response
Scientific services

It is becoming more and more common for the use of UAV's on archaeological sites, the advantage of having, aerial high definition views or 3D models generated for analyisis is proving advantageous.

We have an expanding arsenal of tools available to enhance the knowledge of archaeological sites and better document site activities. Get that advantage for your site now.

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