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Drone Tech Aerial Vehicles:


Platform Performance

  • Type: Hexa-copter

  • Frame size: 680MM TAROT

  • Frame type: Carbon fibre 3k

  • Weight: 3100 grams

  • Operational TOW: 3100 – 4500 grams

  • Max wind tolerance: 19m/s



Flight Modes


  • Standard     : Stabilise, alt hold

  • GPS              : Loiter, Auto(Waypoint)

  • Emergency : Land, RTL

Failsafe Capability

  • Lost radio return to launch

  • Radio telemetry to alert and monitor control signal strength

  • Low battery auto returns to home and land

  • GPS fault switch to altitude hold and manual return


  • Failover power system for flight control and components

  • A very powerful 32-bit processor with an additional failsafe backup controller and extensive memory

  • Secondary GPS with automated failover

Advanced Sensor profile

  • 3 axis 16-bit ST Micro L3GD20H gyro for determining orientation.

  • 3 axis 14-bit accelerometer and magnetometer for determining outside influences and compass heading.

  • External magnetometer with automatic switch-over if desired.

  • MEAS MS5611 barometric pressure sensor for determining altitude.

  • Built in voltage and current sensing for battery condition determination.

  • Externally mounted dual UBLOX LEA GPS for determining absolute position.

Lipo Battery safety

  • All lithium polymer batteries are stored in lipo safe bags and are only take out and installed onto the RPAS when flight operations are in process.

  • Lipo safe charging is conducted using best practice.

  • Lost Ground Control Station link return to home and land

  • EKF/DCM Algorithm– allows combined sensor readings to be used for navigation if a senor becomes faulty or fails.

  • Geo fence enabled to 500m horizontal and 400ft vertical, on breach return to launch and land




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