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Swansea South Wales

DTA drone services are delivered across the whole of the United Kingdom (UK).

DTA has completed a very large number of projects in the Swansea area and operates in the wider Swansea area on a weekly basis.


The panoramic photograph below was taken in the central Swansea city area on St Helens Road.


Commissioned by Morganstone, the project entailed both drone and MAST based aerial photography and video to generate promotional media for Morganstone's redevelopment of the Leonard Charles buidling.


We are very pleased that Morganstone has since been shortlisted for a construction industry award on the project. A well deserved outcome.


Our best wishes go to Morganstone hoping that they will go on to win the award.

Construction Promotional drone & MAST photography & video - Swansea South Wales

City Panorama - Aerial Drone Photography - Construction PR - Swansea

Palace Theatre Swansea - Drone Heritage Listed Building Inspection

Heritage Listed Building - Drone Inspection - Swansea

DTA has completed a large number of drone and elevated mast services projects in Swansea, South Wales.


Projects in Swansea, South Wales have included the following Drone & MAST services:


  • Drone and Mast aerial photography for construction marketing and promotions

  • Elevated Mast Noise Survey

  • Drone Domestic Roof Inspections - Insurance Loss Assessment

  • Drone Commercial Roof Inspections

  • Drone Heritage Site Inspections and Surveys

  • Drone Structural Building Inspections

Elevated Mast Noise Survey - Swansea

Elevated Mast Noise Survey - Swansea

Aerial Drone Photography - Swansea Bay

Aerial Drone Photography - Swansea Bay

Heritage Site Drone Roof & Building Inspections - Swansea

Heritage Site Drone Roof & Building Inspections
- Swansea

Drone Industrial Roof Inspection - Swansea, South Wales

Drone Industrial Roof Inspection - Swansea

Drone Photography - Swansea Guildhall Clocktower

Drone Photography 
- Swansea Guildhall Clocktower


Liberty Stadium Swansea - Aerial Drone Photo

Liberty Stadium Swansea
- Aerial Drone Photo

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