Drone Services 
Sheerness, Kent

DTA has to date completed one very large scale industrial roof inspection project in Sheerness, Kent.


Projects in Sheerness, Kent have included the following Drone & MAST services:


  • Industrial Roof Inspections (Drone & MAST)

Industrial Roof Inspection Using Aerial Drones and Elevated MASTs - Sheerness, Kent

Additional DTA drone & MAST services in the Sheerness, Kent area.

We deliver our full range of services in the Sheerness, Kent area, those above being examples of past completed projects locally.

  • Drone Topographical Land Surveys

  • Drone Stockpile and Earthworks Volume Surveys

  • Drone Quarry Topographical Surveys

  • Drone Wind Turbine Inspections

  • Drone Aerial Photography

  • Drone Aerial Video

  • Elevated MAST Roof Inspections

  • Elevated MAST Photography

  • Elevated MAST Video

  • Internal & Confined Space Inspections (using ball-drone)

  • Site Topographical Drone Surveys for Construction

  • Site Topographical Drone Surveys for Site Facilities Management

  • Telecommunications Line-of-Sight (LoS) Surveys

  • Drone surveys for fugitive methane gas

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