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Drone Services


DTA drone services are delivered across the whole of the United Kingdom (UK).

DTA has completed a very large number of projects drone services projects throughout Wales covering:

  • Civil engineering

  • Construction

  • Events promotion

  • Facilities Management & Property Maintenance

  • Heritage Site Maintenance

  • Visitor attractions web media promotion.


Projects in Wales have included the following Drone & MAST services:


  • Construction promotional photography & video

  • Construction site monitoring

  • Construction site topographical land surveying

  • Events & corporate promotional photography & video (Drone & MAST)

    • Pre-event promotion - photography, video & 3d animated video (below)

    • Live event photography & video

  • Heritage site structural surveys

  • Land topographical surveys

  • Mining & Quarrying topographical surveys

  • Roof inspections

  • Stockpile volumetric surveys

Drone services for inspections, surveys, photography and video deliver significant benefits in budget, productivity, safety and quality of data across the widest range of sectors and applications.

Browse through our website, or even better call us now to discuss your projects.


At Drone Tech Aerospace Ltd (DTA) we strive to always deliver the best possible customer service. We look forward to your call.

Drone Tech Aerospace presentation on Applications and Benefits of Drones in Construction - Cardiff, South Wales & Bangor, North Wales

Drone Tech Aerospace directors have presented at Construction Future Wales events in South Wales & North Wales on Digitalisation and the application & benefits of drone technology in Construction

Bangor City FC Promotional Video - Bangor, North Wales

Liberty Stadium Swansea - Aerial Drone Photo

Aerial Drone Photo
- Liberty Stadium, Swansea, South Wales

Drone Stockpile Volume Surveys - Wales

Drone Stockpile Volume Surveys - Wales

DTA Drone Services - Solar Farm Construction & Inspections

DTA has completed numerous projects for Solar Farm Renewable Energy in Wales
- Drone Land Surveying for Construction
- Drone Inspection Surveys

Construction Site Monitoring & Inspection - Wales

Construction Site Monitoring & Inspection
- Wales

Construction Promotional Photography - Wales

Construction Promotional Photography - Wales

Drone Roof Inspection Service - Wales

Drone Roof Inspection Services - Wales

Drone Construction Site Topo Survey - Wales

Drone Construction Site Topographical Survey - Wales

Drone Property Redevelopment Site Survey - Wales

Event Promotional Photography - Pembrey Sands, Wales

Event Promotional Photography - Wales

Event Promotional Video - Wales

Heritage Site Drone & MAST Structural Inspection - Wales

Heritage Site Promotional Video - Wales

Heritage Site Drone & MAST
Structural Inspection - Wales

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