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Drone Tech Aerospace (DTA) launches new logo & corporate image

New corporate logo for Drone Tech Aerospace Ltd, Cardiff, South Wales

Cardiff, South Wales, United Kingdom 27 December 2015 Drone Tech Aerospace Ltd (DTA) proudly launches a new corporate image.

David Field, Managing Director at DTA, said at the announcement "We are very pleased with the resulting design that we have been working on for the past two months".

"The design incorporates several simple but important elements". "Firstly the corporate colour chosen, a deep green, portrays the outdoors natural environment of our drone services and also communicates the inherent green ecological nature of our services, cutting times needed to complete surveys and inspections dramatically, replacing manned fixed-wing and helicopter based services, and generally making many services significantly safer".

"The crisp and simple design immediately imparts the nature of our business and also incorporates our full and abbreviated company names".

"We hope that our customers and business partners will become totally familiar with our new logo and branding over the coming months and years, growing to love it as much as we already do".

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