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Three reasons golf courses are the next drone mapping territory

Drone Tech Aerospace Ltd (DTA) received a mention from Pix4d in the article below.

Pix4D: Three reasons golf courses are the next drone mapping territory.

“Golf course owners are working smarter to manage resources like water and labor more efficiently.” said CEO Mike Davis of the US Golf Association, in an interview with Forbes. “We are innovating at a rapid pace, and using technology and data as never before to make smart decisions.”

While things in the UK continue to lag behind the progressive US market, DTA is poised ready to serve golf courses in the UK with world leading capabilities in mapping, photography and video.

David Field, CEO at DTA, added today, "At DTA we have already proven our technical and commercial abilities to deliver a complete range of drone technology services to golf clubs and we are now eagerly pursuing prospective clients in golfing to actively deploy these services to the commercial benefit of their golf businesses".

Please click on the link or image below to read the article in full.

Golf Course Drone Survey and Mapping with Pix4D

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