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Drone Tech Aerospace Deploys Drones & Elevated MAST to Monitor A303 traffic for Copper Consulting

Drones & Elevated MAST monitoring A303 traffic, Salisbury, Drone Tech Aerospace.

22 August 2017 - Cardiff, South Wales, UK

Drone Tech Aerospace (DTA) is very pleased to publicise the successful deployment of both aerial drone and 4x4-mounted Elevated MAST Photography & Video Services to monitor heavy summer holiday traffic on the A303 at Stonehenge on behalf of Copper Consultancy & Highways England.

David Field, Managing Director of DTA commented, "Highway traffic monitoring is a great application for our combined drone and elevated MAST photography & video services solutions. The flexibility of the drone together with the fixed position capabilities of the elevated MAST, for instance to produce effective time-lapse views, delivers our clients with the flexible and varied high quality media views that they require."

"The resulting video that our clients produced is just great."

"This has been a great showcase for the perfect combined solution with our DTA drones and 4x4 mounted elevated MASTs. We look forward to greater use of these systems in this way."

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Our client's video produced from this project can be viewed at:

For further information, contact:

John Palmer - Non-Exec Director, Drone Tech Aerospace Mob: +44 (0) 7947 212 195

SOURCE: Drone Tech Aerospace Ltd.

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