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DTA – Completely Unaffected by the recent CAA Safety Notice SN–2018/009

Following the recent and very significant CAA Safety Notice SN–2018/009, severely restricting operations of DJI M200 and Inspire platforms that use DJI TB50 and TB55 batteries, we thought it appropriate to put out a notice to our customers (and any prospective new customers!) that our systems at Drone Tech Aerospace are completely unaffected.

Those of you who are our customers will know well that at DTA we specialise in R&D and manufacture of our own proprietary drones. While DTA drones are of course constructed using components available within the open market for drone and electronics technology, we do not use DJI components for our power systems, nor our control systems.

Our message is very simple:

DTA Drones remain SAFE, are FLYING RELIABLY and we are OPEN FOR BUSINESS should anyone need our services.

Uk Civil Aviation Authority Safety Notice SN-2018/009

If you are a client looking for drone services

or another drones services operator and have been let down by this recent safety problem with DJI systems, then please do call and we are happy to help.

To read more about why we believe you should consider DTA for your choice of preferred drone services supplier please click on our Why DTA web page below.

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