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Covid-19 Emergency: DTA Open for Business under strict HSE Procedures

Covid-19 Emergency: DTA Open for Business under strict HSE Procedures

Drone Tech Aerospace remains open and is conducting projects safely under strict no-contact HSE working procedures.

DTA Covid-19 Safe Working Procedures

  • DTA personnel will maintain a strict 3m minimum distance between themselves and all other persons.

  • Only DTA personnel who have been observing strict home isolation are permitted to work on-site.

  • DTA personnel will wear face masks and gloves during operations, especially when needing to make contact with door handles, surfaces, fences, gates etc.

  • DTA personnel will carry disinfectant sprays that will be used to wipe down such objects and surfaces prior to making contact with (even with gloves on) and wash down the gloves thoroughly with disinfectant spray following completion of tasks before removing the gloves in a trained zero-external-contact manner.

  • Any ID required for access to sites will only be supplied using photo ID (Drivers Licence) through a closed vehicle window.

  • RAMS will be completed and supplied prior to arrival on site as usual.

  • On-site RAMS updates following the usual site walk around inspection will be completed and signed by the responsible DTA employee who will then talk through the final amendments with any other necessary personnel on-site.

- Physical signature by other DTA and on-site personnel of this final RAMS version will not be done.

- Instead the final version will be emailed later to the relevant personnel for digital signature post project completion.

  • DTA personnel will carry all necessary food and drinks with them from their home. No food will be purchased from fast-food outlets nor the higher risk motorway and road services areas.

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