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Drone Tech Aerospace (DTA) incorporated as private limited company at Companies House

Drone Tech Aerospace Managing Director, David Field, is pleased to announce today, 06 March 2014, incorporation of DTA as a private limited company at UK Companies House, Cardiff.

David stated, "After over 18 months in developing our cutting edge drone technology we have today incorporated the business as a private limited company, Drone Tech Aerospace Ltd., at Companies House under company number 08924962."

"We are focusing DTA on the application of drones and robotics to provide solutions for complex tasks in the engineering, construction and media industry sectors."

"We will be working with some of the largest engineering and construction companies to further develop our technologies and solutions to meet their needs in surveying, inspection, monitoring and I'm sure there will be lots of other applications that none of us has yet thought of."

"We welcome inquiries from prospective new customers across all of these sectors and look forward to discussing business challenges, identifying areas where drones can be of help and then developing and delivering drone solutions that add value in terms of productivity, capability and safety."

"At DTA we are sure that drones are going to be a big success in the future and we are totally committed to making DTA a central part of this exciting new industry."

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For further information, contact:

David Field- Managing Director, Drone Tech Aerospace Mob: +44 (0) 7716 453 575

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