Drone Tech Aerospace (DTA) Completes its 1st Golf Course Survey

10 June 2016, Llantrisant and Pontyclun, near Cardiff, South Wales

Drone Tech Aerospace (DTA) has today completed its 1st Golf Course Drone Survey, including a full topographical land survey, 3D modelling and comprehensive promotional aerial drone photography and video.

David Field, Managing Director of DTA comments, "The Llantrisant & Pontyclun Golf Course project has been just brilliant ... a perfect application for drone services ... both topographical surveying and 3D modelling, and promotional photography and video. It uses it all to great effect. Benefits for the golf course business are huge. They can get the best possible views of the course across to the current and prospective new customers in the best possible way."

"We welcome more golf course proprietors and managers to contact us and get the same exceptional website promotional material for their businesses. This truly is a game changer."

- Ends -

Update: You can see some of the output of the project now on the Llantrisant & Pontyclun Golf Club website : www.llantrisantgolfclub.com

For further information, contact:

John Palmer - Non-Exec Director, Drone Tech Aerospace John.Palmer@DroneTechAerospace.co.uk Mob: +44 (0) 7947 212 195

SOURCE: Drone Tech Aerospace Ltd.

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